Karma 1.5 Requirements

1. Joomla 1.5.x running on your web server
2. Community Builder system installed within your Joomla installation, available at
3. Knowledge of installing Joomla 1.5 extenstions and Community Builder plugins from administrative back end

Karma 1.5 Installation

1. If you downloaded the Complete Karma Package (KarmaPackage_UnzipFirst!.zip), you must first unzip the package before installation. If you downloaded the individual component, modules and/or plugin, skip to step #2.

2. Install the Karma component: Using the Joomla extension installer in the administration section, install the zip package This component is required for the Karma system to operate.

3. Install the Karma CB plugin: Use the Community Builder plugin installer to install the CB plugin package, Make sure plugin is published and assigned to a CB profile tab. The tab must also be published!

4. Install optional modules: Use the Joomla! extension installer to install the optional modules: (optional, shows monthly karmas in a module) (optional, shows total karmas in a module) (optional, can show monthly and total karmas in a module)

Modules must be enabled to view!

Karma 1.5 Configuration


In the Karma administration set the "day lock" to the desired time frame in days. The default is one day. The day lock determines the amount of time between Karma ratings, to prevent Karma fraud or Karma bombing.


If you have SQL problems or Karma isn't working:

These three tables should be in your database:


(jos) being the standard prefix for a joomla database. You may need to change that if you changed our prefix.

If those tables aren't there, you can execute the following SQL command in phpMyAdmin or however you choose to execute sql commands. This will create the tables for you:


CREATE TABLE `jos_karma_tb` (
`user_id` INT NOT NULL,
`var_karma` INT DEFAULT 0,
`total_karma` INT DEFAULT 0

CREATE TABLE `jos_karma_log` (
`user_id` INT,
`my_id` INT,
`type` INT,
`timestamp` DATETIME,
`ip` TEXT

CREATE TABLE `jos_karma_conf` (
`name` TEXT,
`value` TEXT

INSERT INTO `jos_karma_conf` values ('daylock', '1');