Golf League Documentation

Joomla Golf League / Joomla Golf Tournament


Initial Setup

The functionality of Golf League is dependent on a basic set up of a few of the extension’s fields and configuration.   Below in items 1-8 are the items to set up, in proper order.  Most of these items need only be set up once.

1. Categories

The first item to set up in Golf League is the “Category.”  A sample category would be something like “Men’s Association,” though any text can be used.  The system can handle unlimited categories, meaning golf courses with several associations/leagues, can run them all with Golf League.  Multiple category examples would be “Junior Golf,” “Women’s Association,” “Men’s Association,” “Senior League,” “Tuesday League,” “Saturday League.”

2. Season

Once a category has been set up, a “season” is setup next.  The season function allows for sorting by season, making editing and viewing league data much easier.  If one only wishes to look at the current members of a particular category for “this season,” this is where seasons come into play.

Seasons are not tied to categories, therefore one season can cover more than one category.

An example season entry would be “2014.”  Other season examples, “Spring League 2014,” “2014 Men’s Club,” “Summer Coed League.”

Two parameters which can be set for each season are the Season Start and Season End.

3. Courses

The third item to setup is the golf course or golf courses.  Golf League allows for unlimited golf courses.

Golf course fields include the course name, address, and other relevant course information.

4. Course Tees

Once a golf course is entered into the setup, tee boxes may be added.  The tee fields include a selector to choose an existing course, the number of holes, par, course rating, course slope, and notes.

It is very important to input the course rating and slope, even for nine hole courses.  The rating and slope factor into the league handicap calculation.  If the rating and/or slope are incorrect, handicap calculations will also be incorrect.

5. Players

Enter league player information in the “Players” section of the administration panel.  A category must be selected for each player.  The “Member” field relates to the “Season” data entered in step #2 above.  By selecting the member/season, it makes sorting and tracking players by season easier.

Selecting “Players” in the admin panel shows a list of the players with robust sorting and filtering.

Clicking on a player’s name open’s that player’s profile for editing, such as new phone number, change of address etc.

6. Flights

League flights are setup in the “Flights” tab.  Each flight is tied to a related Category.

An example flight setup would have the flight name “A Flight” and be connected to the “Men’s League” category.

Other examples:  “Juniors 14-16 Years old” for flight name and “Junior Golf” as the category.

7. Formats

Formats are the actual games the tournament compe

The Formats section of golf league is where all the names of the differing games are established.  Formats are not connected to any Category.  At least one Format must be established.

Example formats: Stroke Play, Skins, Closest To The Pin, Four Clubs, Scramble.

More detailed format examples: “Skin – Hole #7,” or “Closest to the pin – hole #14.”

When entering league Payouts, Formats are selected for each payout.

8. Configuration

Three basic settings are sometimes used to streamline tedious operations, like inputting the scores for all the players.  These settings are found in the Configuration panel:

Current Tournament – Once set, score entry is automatically set for the current or “default” tournament.

Current Season

List Limit – determine list limit for front end lists (future development)

Regular League Tasks

Tournament Setup

Once all Players, Courses, Tees, Flights, Seasons, and the Configuration are set, a “Tournament” may be created.

A basic Tournament setup includes the Tournament name, date, Course, format(s), number of holes, Flights, Category, Season, and notes.

Example Tournament setup:

Name: Spring Opener

Date: 2014-04-08

Format: Stroke Play, Skins

Count Handicap: Yes

Holes: 18

Flights: A Flight, B Flight, C Flight

Category: Men’s League
Season: 2014

Notes: Notes about the tournament.

Following the Tournament setup the current or default tournament needs to be selected in the Configuration panel.  Once the configuration is set, the administrator can enter the player’s scores.

Entering Player Scores

When ready to enter Tournament scores, select the Players section from the administration menu.  A sortable list of all players appears.  The 2nd column, titled “Add Round” is clickable when a current Tournament is set up.  Find the player from the list and click the Tournament Name under the Add Round heading to open the score entry window.

The Score Entry window is simple:

One number is entered, the player’s gross score for the round.

The tee which the player played is next selected from a select list.

When the score and tee are correct, click the Enter Score button.

*scores entered should reflect the USGA’s “Equitable Stroke Control.”


Currently Golf League calculates handicaps based on the USGA (United States Golf Association) formula.  As such, a minimum of five 18 hole, or 10 nine hole combined rounds is required for a handicap to be calculated.  Handicaps will be a 0 until then.

Handicap Update

The USGA’s rules dictate that handicaps be updated at least once per month, and no more than twice per month.

To update the handicaps, click the Handicaps panel in the Golf League administration panel.  In the Handicaps panel there is a link/button which when clicked, will go through the entire database of players and recalculate their handicaps.


Just like Joomla’s article functionality, Golf League administrators can write articles or “announcements” to the league.  To write announcements, click the Announcements selector in the Golf League administration section.

Announcements can be given a title, date, content, Category, and publish state.  Standard Joomla content editing controls allow the adding of images or use of the selected system text editing tools.

Front End – Public Side

Viewers on the front end of the site can view the Tournaments list, Players list, Payouts list, and Announcements list.

Each of the above lists can be added to a Joomla menu by going to administrator > menus > desired-menu > add menu item.


From the Announcements list, the user can click the link for a specific announcement to load the announcement details.


The Tournaments list provides links to access each individual tournament’s details.  The list can be filtered based on season or category via the filters in the upper right corner.

Within the tournament details are the core fields describing the tournament.  If rounds or payouts have been entered they will automatically appear below the tournament.


The Players list shows player names, handicaps and their Category. The list can be filtered by Category via the category filter in the upper right corner of the list.

Clicking on the player’s name brings up the player profile which contains the player’s details.  Buttons at the bottom of the player profile allow the user to view the player’s scoring history and payout history.


The Payouts list shows tournament names, player names, and their respective payouts in order of newest to oldest.  The tournament name in the list clicks through to the tournament details page.  The player name link in the list clicks through to the player’s profile page.