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TK Server Applications License
Copyright (c) 2005-2013 TMK PRO, LLC’s applications are distributed in the hope that they will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.  See the GNU General Public License for more details.

If you did not receive a copy of the GNU General Public License with a TKServer application, see <>.

CB Author Plug Documentation

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Categories: Documentation’s CB Author Plug is a Joomla! plugin which places a link to the author’s Community Builder (CB) profile in Joomla! content items as well as optionally displaying the author’s CB avatar. This plugin is similar to the old Joomla! 1.0 CB Author Bot, but with many more features and Joomla! 1.5.x, 1.6.x, 1.7.x, 2.5.x, 3.x native.

Note: As of version 3.0 this plugin has converted to commercial status.  A very small price has been added to support future development of this and other Joomla extensions.


  • Show author’s link to CB profile within Joomla! content items
  • Show author’s CB avatar
  • Avatar size controlled in plugin parameters
  • Avatar float controls, left or right
  • Intro text places text before CB link
  • Outro text places text after CB link
  • Font size controlled in plugin parameters
  • Font colors (standard and link) controlled in plugin parameters
  • Tested and confirmed compatible with Joomla 3.36 and Community Builder 2.0 – 01/18/15

New Version 3.0.0 December 2013

Converted plugin for Joomla 3.0 compatibility.  Code cleanup and fixes.  Added color picker to plugin parameters for CSS text color customization.

New Version 1.6.1 October 2012

J1.6-1.7-2.5 compatibility

Fixed missing avatar issue certain browsers
Fixed back end media manager conflict

New Version 1.5, February 2012

  • New show/hide in category view option
  • New show/hide in section view option
  • New show/hide in blog layout option
  • Fixed broken image issue in IE and Chrome
  • Removed problematic “Replace JAuthor” function
  • FINAL 1.5 version, barring major security or bug issues

New Version 1.6! September 2011

  • Joomla 1.6 and 1.7 compatibility
  • Minor tweaks and bug fixes

New Version 1.2 fixes, September 2011

  • Fixed display spacing issue on CB link
  • Removed hidden mac osx files from zip archive
  • Likely the final 1.5 revision

New Version 1.2 features, November 2010

  • Exclude specific Joomla authors
  • Exclude specific Joomla article categories
  • Exclude specific Joomla article sections

New version 1.1 features, July 2010

  • Display CB Author Plug before or after Joomla content
  • Automatically disable Joomla author display and follow individual article author show/hide settings.
  • Enable or disable CB Author Plug for front page articles.

Sample Display



Plugin Parameters



CB Author Plug Support Forum

For support visit the TKServer Support Forum!

Golf Scores Documentation

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TKServer’s GOLF SCORES is a Joomla! component which tracks site members’ golf scores.  The system is great for tracking 9 or 18 hole golf or frisbee golf rounds, calculates net scores, shows scoring history, and has a comment area for each round’s commentary and has full administrative back end for editing or moderation.  To compliment the system, the Latest Scores Module can show site members’ scores and a Community Builder (CB) plugin and/or JomSocial application shows scores on member CB profiles.


  • Added pagination to scoring tables for easy display
  • Pagination/Lists controlled by custom component setting
  • New Joomla 1.6-1.7 menu selections via views
  • Bug fixes
  • JomSocial 2.2.4 compatible plugin and module
  • Community Builder 1.7 compatible plugin and module
  • Custom table headings for modules via module parameters
  • Utilizes the new “upgrade” method of installing. Old versions need not be uninstalled.

NEW with version 1.5.5: JomSocial Integration!  Golf Scores now appear in JomSocial and Community Builder profiles!

Attention! The JomSocial Golf Scores application/module and CB Golf Scores Plugin/mocule do not operate without the Golf Scores component installed!

Update 02.20.11

New version (1.5.5) update!  Barring a security release if needed, this will likely be the last Joomla 1.5.x version of Golf Scores.

  • Added full JomSocial integration
  • Scores entered add to JomSocial user points.
  • Scores removed subtract from JomSocial user points.
  • Scores added or removed are added to JomSocial activity stream
  • Fixed database bug which duplicated config tables on upgrades.

Update 04.16.10

New version (1.5.041610) update!  New back end parameter allows selection of username or name in front end display lists.  New parameter also allows custom selection of list limits in front end.

PRE-1.6 Upgrade instructions

If upgrading from a previous version of Golf Scores do the following:

1. Uninstall/delete the previous version of Golf Scores.  Database information is not deleted.

2. Install new version of Golf Scores.

Front End

The Golf Scores component starts with three basic possible selections:  Enter Scores, View All Scores and View My Scores

Post Scores

When clicking Enter Scores, the member is asked wether 9 or 18 holes were played.

When the member clicks 9 or 18 holes, a form is presented which the player fills out to enter the round.  The 9 or 18 hole enter scores form contains the following fields:  Date, Course Played, Tee Played, Gross Score, Handicap, Net Score, Comments.

View All Scores

Clicking View All Scores displays all member scores.

View My Scores

Clicking View My Scores from the Golf Scores component home brings up a list of the logged in member’s scores.  In the form is shown all data, as well as Edit and Delete buttons for editing or deleting the round.

Edit Round

From the View My Scores page, clicking edit brings up an edit form so the member can make changes to the original data.

Delete Round

If the member wishes to delete a round from the database, this is done by clicking the Delete icon (Red X).

Administration – Back End

Golf Scores Main Admin Panel

From the Golf Scores menu selection in the Joomla administration window, the administrator can browse scores, edit scores and delete scores from the database.

Edit Score – Admin

From the administration panel scores can be edited, for moderation or other reasons.

Golf Scores Back End Parameters

Back end parameters include selection of username/name, JomSocial integration and front end list limit.

JomSocial Activity Stream and User Points

New Golf Scores version 1.5.5 integrates JomSocial activity stream and user points.  Scores entered will show up in the JomSocial activity stream, and will add to JomSocial user points!

Latest Golf Scores Module

The optional “Latest Scores” module displays recent player scores.  Information displayed:  Player, course, holes, score.

Latest Golf Scores Module Settings

Within the module settings the following can be configured:

  • 1. Number of scores displayed
    2. Display in ascending or descending order
  • 3. Custom names for column headings
  • 4. Item ID settings for linking to the Golf Scores component
  • 5. CB Item ID settings to set the proper template settings for CB from the module
    • 6. Link to CB – wether latest scores link to Community Builder profiles

Latest Golf Scores Community Builder (CB) Plugin

The optional Latest Scores CB plugin shows the user’s latest golf scores within his or her CB profile.  CB plugin settings allow for limits to the number of scores listed.

Golf Stats Documentation

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Getting Started With Golf Stats


GolfStats has four main menus, each which has sub-menu selections:

Menu Name: Courses Rounds Stats Utils
Submenu 1: Courses List Add Round Handicap Settings
Submenu 2: My Courses Latest Round Overall Stats Help
Submenu 3: Add Course My Rounds Latest Round About
Submenu 4: All Rounds Scoring History


When first using GolfStats, users are directed to their Settings, which is the first selection under the Utils Menu. The following settings can be configured in the user Settings:

  • Handicap Formula (USGA, EGA or CONGU)
  • Tracking Options (Full statistics or scores and handicap only)
  • Privacy (allow or disallow public view of scores and stats)
  • Gender (CONGU handicap limitations vary based on gender)

Handicap Formula

USGA (United States Golf Association) handicap is based on calculation between the differential and course rating of the last 5-20 rounds. A minimum of five rounds must be entered into GolfStats for the USGA handicap to calculate. If the player has recorded over 20 rounds into GolfStats, the handicap is calculated based on the most recent 20 rounds.

CONGU handicap formula is the standard formula for the United Kingdom. A CONGU handicap is established based from an initial three rounds, and updates as each round is entered into GolfStats. If a user selects CONGU for the first time, or has cleared the CONGU handicap, the user is directed to the CONGU handicap setup form. In the CONGU handicap setup form the user inputs the last three round’s scores as well as the last three course’s Standard Scratch Score. The new CONGU handicap is automatically calculated as the data is entered into the form.

EGA handicap is the standard in Europe. EGA is new as of Golf Stats 1.5.5. Users may enter last three rounds to establish their EGA handicap, or simply input a handicap if one is already established. Stats or scoring rounds entered properly adjust the EGA handicap, with a maximum handicap of 36.

If a player wishes to reset or start over with their CONGU or EGA handicap, the handicap can be reset from the Handicap page which is found under the Stats Menu.

Warning: Resetting the CONGU or EGA handicap will nullify any previous round handicap calculations, and those calculations cannot be restored unless the user re-enters those rounds.

Tracking Options

The 2nd option in GolfStats Settings is Tracking Options. Tracking Options allows the user to select:

  1. Scores and Handicap Only – Simple, no statistics.
  2. Full Statistics – More complex with full stats tracked.


Users can choose to allow or disallow public view of their golf scores and statistics via the Privacy setting. Privacy is set in the Settings sub menu under the Utils Menu.


Because some handicap formulas differ based on gender, GolfStats Settings contains a Gender setting. Gender can be set in the Settings sub menu under the Utils Menu, but also appears in the CONGU handicap setup page for first time CONGU handicap users.


Adding A Course

Rounds/scores are entered for golf courses which are in the GolfStats database. Courses may be added to the database by any logged in GolfStats user. The Add Course function is located under the Courses Menu. When adding a course, the course’s primary information is entered: Name, address, city, country, web site, phone, hole by hole pars.

Adding a course to Golf Stats

  1. Search the course database (search located at top of Courses List) to insure the course you wish to enter is not already there
  2. Select Add Course from the Courses Menu
  3. Enter course information
  4. Enter hole pars
  5. Check information and click “Submit”
  6. Course will now appear in Courses list, located in the Courses Menu

Adding tees to course in GolfStats

Once the primary course information is entered, any logged in GolfStats user can add a specific tee to that course. To add a tee to a course follow these steps:

  1. Choose course from Courses List, located in Courses Menu
  2. Click on Add Tee link for the course
  3. Enter tee color, course rating/standard scratch score, slope. If you do not know the rating/slope, enter default par for the course rating and 113 for the slope. Slope is used for USGA handicap calculation and not used in CONGU handicap calculation.
  4. Enter hole yardages and handicaps.
  5. Check information and click “Submit”
  6. Tee will now appear in the course row of the courses list

Viewing a course

Viewing a course shows all of the primary course information, as well as all tees and yardages. To view a course, click on the course name from the Courses List submenu, located under the Courses Menu.

Editing a course

If you have contributed the course, or have GolfStats administrative access, you can edit a course. Editing a course may be necessary if the original information was not correctly entered, or information about the course has changed. To edit a course follow these steps:

  1. Choose course from Courses List, located in the Courses Menu and click the course name
  2. Now in the Course View, click “edit course” located in the bottom left row/column of the course display.
  3. Edit the proper information.
  4. Click “Submit” after checking that changes are correct.

Editing a course’s tees

If you have contributed the course tee(s), or have GolfStats administrative access, you can edit the course tee(s). Editing a course tee may be necessary if the original information was not correctly entered, or information about the course tee has changed. To edit a course tee follow these steps:

  1. Choose course from Courses List, located in the Courses Menu and click the course name
  2. Now in the Course View, click “edit tee” located next to the tee name in the tee row on the scorecard.
  3. Edit the proper information.
  4. Click “Submit” after checking that changes are correct.

Searching the courses database

Utilizing the Course Search function is easy. Simply go to the Courses List and enter your search term in the search field at the top right section of the list. Any terms like city or course type can be entered and results will display in the Course List format.

(NEW in version 2.5) My Courses

Golf Stats installations may contain dozens or even hundreds of golf courses in the database.  To make it easier for users to find the courses they regularly play, the new “My Courses” feature has been added to Golf Stats 2.5.  In the course list a new column called “Favorite” contains a link with the world “Add.”  Clicking the favorite/add link allows users to add a course to their “My Courses” list.  A new menu item called “My Courses” shows the user’s custom course list.


Adding a round

To add a round to the database, follow these steps:

  1. Select the tee you played from the Add Round column of the Courses List and the corresponding Course Row. The Courses List can be accessed though the Courses Menu or the Add Round submenu in the Rounds Menu.
  2. If your settings are configured for Full Statistics, the Enter Round form with full statistical fields will be displayed. If your settings are configured for Scores/Handicap, a simple form with front score and back score will be displayed.
  3. Enter information. Some information is required and if not inputted, will produce a popup warning.
  4. Check information and click the submit button.
  5. Round is now entered and will appear in My Rounds list, All Rounds List, and Latest Round information.

Editing a round

If you need to correct data which was entered for a specific round, follow these steps:

  1. Select the round from the My Rounds or Scoring History lists. My Rounds is a submenu under the Rounds Menu. Scoring History is a submenu under the Stats Menu.
  2. Make proper changes to round data.
  3. Check for accuracy and click submit.

Latest Round

To view the last round entered into GolfStats, select Latest Round from the Rounds Menu or the Stats Menu. All available information about that round, wether statistical or scores/handicap will display.

My Rounds

By clicking the My Rounds submenu from the Rounds Menu, users can view a list of all their rounds available in the GolfStats database. The My Rounds list privides access to further round functions such as Edit Round, Delete Round and View Round.

All Rounds

The All Rounds submenu, located in the Rounds Menu, shows all GolfStats user rounds in a list format. If user Privacy Settings are set to public, those user rounds may be viewed in detail by clicking the course name from the list. A listing off a particular GolfStats user’s rounds may also be viewed by clicking the username/name from the All Rounds list, provided that privacy settings for that user are set to public.

EGA Course Handicap Strokes Calculator

EGA Handicap Calculation

EGA Stableford Course Handicap Stroke Calculator. This feature is not listed in the Golf Stats menu, however a menu item linking to the EGAHandicalc can be created from the Joomla administration panel.



GolfStats users may view their handicap by selecting the Handicap sub menu from the Stats Menu. USGA, EGA or CONGU handicaps will display, based on the user’s Settings.

CONGU and EGA handicaps may be “reset” by clicking the word “reset” in the right column of the handicap list.

Warning: Resetting the CONGU or EGA handicap will nullify any previous round handicap calculations, and those calculations cannot be restored unless the user re-enters those rounds.

Overall Stats

Users may view their combined statistics for all statistical rounds entered by selecting the Overall Stats submenu from the Stats Menu. These stats can tell the user what parts of their game need more work, and what parts are working well.

Latest Round

To view the last round entered into GolfStats, select Latest Round from the Rounds Menu or the Stats Menu. All available information about that round, whether statistical or scores/handicap will display.

Scoring History

Scoring History is a slightly different listing of scores than My Scores. Scoring History shows various scoring information based on whether the user Settings are set for CONGU or USGA handicap. Like the My Scores listing, scores may be edited or deleted from the GolfStats database via this list.

Utilities (Utils)


GolfStats users can customize their personal experience with the Settings function. The Settings Submenu is located in the Utils Menu. The following settings can be configured in the user Settings:

  • Handicap Formula (USGA, EGA or CONGU)
  • Tracking Options (Full statistics or scores and handicap only)
  • Privacy (allow or disallow public view of scores and stats)
  • Gender (CONGU handicap limitations vary based on gender)


GolfStats’ Help section is accessed through the Help Submenu, located in the Utils Menu. The Help section contains all GolfStats documentation.


The About Submenu contains the GolfStats About Page. This page shows GolfStats credits and support information.


Front End Administration

Administration for most of GolfStats records is done in the Joomla! front end, for users who have administrative access. Designated GolfStats administrators can edit courses, rounds, tees and even delete rounds. See Back End Administration details for instructions on setting up administrators.

Back End Administration

The following administrative settings are configurable via the Joomla! administration Golf Stats component parameters:

  1. List Limit – Number of rounds/scores shown per page. Default: 25
  2. Maximum Records Stored – Set a limit of rounds per user stored in database. Default: 25
  3. Name or username? – Show player name or username in front end.
  4. Administrator access – Add Joomla User ID#’s to give that user admin access. Separate by comma. Example: 74,1248,984 will give users #74, 1248 and 984 administrative front end access.
  5. Show or hide the Golf Stats header and menu
  6. JomSocial Integration – When enabled JS integration will show Golf Stats activities in the JomSocial activity stream, as well as award JS user points for activities.

Requirements & Compatibility

Golf Stats runs as a 3rd party “Extension” for the Joomla! content management system, which is installed in millions of web sites. Golf Stats has been tested with up to Joomla version 3.0.x.

Golf Stats 3.0 is tested in Joomla’s MYSQL and MYSLi database modes and untested in any other modes.


Installation of GolfStats is performed in the Joomla! administration panel with the extensions installer. The zip file, is the installer for GolfStats.

Once installed settings may be adjusted in the administrative back end of Joomla.  Select “Golf Stats” in the Joomla component menu.

Once installed, a menu item should be created for Golf Stats to appear on the user facing front end of the site.  There are many menu options to show, the best general selection being the “default” menu item.

Upgrading from Golf Stats 2.5.x

Upgrading from Golf Stats 2.5.x to 3.x is easy.  Assuming the Golf Stats database tables exist in the Joomla 3.0 installation, simply install Golf Stats 3.0 as normal.  If Golf Stats 3.0 is already installed and you wish to copy your Golf Stats 2.5 data, the tables are the same.  No changes.  Simply copy the tables or the table data.

One small change to the DB from version 2.5 to 3.0 is in the Tee table to improve functionality. In phpMyAdmin or a mysql editor, perform the following where “jos_” is the database prefix:

Fix course rating table to allow for one decimal point:

ALTER TABLE `jos_golfstats_tees` CHANGE `rating` `rating` DECIMAL( 11, 1 ) NULL DEFAULT NULL

Fix course slope to allow for one decimal point:

ALTER TABLE `jos_golfstats_tees` CHANGE `slope` `slope` DECIMAL( 11, 1 ) NULL DEFAULT NULL

Jitter Documentation

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JITTER is a system which adds a community aspect to a Joomla based web site.  Jitter allows site members to enter a small message, similar to Twitter’s “tweets” or Facebook’s “What’s on your mind?” feature.  Messages can be displayed in Joomla modules and in member’s Community Builder* profiles.


Includes component, modules and CB Plugin


1. Unzip the archive file to your hard drive.  Within that archive are the Jitter component and modules.

2. Use the Joomla! extension installer to install Jitter component and modules.

3. Optional: Use Community Builder plugin installer to install Jitter CB Plugin.

4. Set module parameters to your liking.

Database Friendly

Unlike other status update systems, Jitter stores one update per member by default.  When a new update is posted, the old one is removed from the database.  This keeps content fresh, and keeps the database streamlined and fast.  Not many people care what someone’s update was 132 days ago.

For those who do wish to permanently store all messages, a new feature is in development which will post Jitters not only in the Jitter table of the database, but will allow selection of content section and categories, or even post Jitters within other blog engine’s databases such as Community Builder’s Profile Blog.

Jitter Component

The Jitter component is required for the system to function.  The component is installed via the Joomla installer in the Joomla administration section.

Current administrative features allow deletion and editing of Jitter entries.

Jitter Update Module

This module can be placed anywhere a Joomla module can be placed.  Within this module logged in members of the site can type in their message and post it.  The current message, if there is one, can also be cleared.  The module shows the date and time of the current message as well.

Latest Jitters Module

The Latest Jitters Module shows the latest Jitters from site members.  Back end configuration allows customization of display, order of messages, number of Jitters to display and more.

Latest Jitters CB Module

The Latest Jitters CB Module (pictured below) shows the latest Jitter messages posted.  The number of messages is configurable in the module parameters.  Display options for text size, CB avatar* size and alignment (left or right) and CB* link are also in the module parameters.

Jitter CB Plugin*

The Jitter CB plugin (pictured below) adds the same functionality contained in the Jitter Update Module to a CB plugin, provided that Community Builder is installed.  This CB plugin adds Jitter message posting and deletion to CB profiles.

Jitter Manager (Admin)

Pictured below is the main administration section for Jitter, called the Jitter Manager.  Here you can select Jitters to edit or delete.  Multiple or all Jitters can be deleted.

Jitter Editor (Admin)

When a single Jitter is selected to edit from the Jitter Manager, this window (below) allows editing and saving of the Jitter.


Appropriate Joomla version required.

The Jitter Community Builder plugin is designed for CB version 1.2 and above.

*Community Builder must be installed for these features to function.

Golf League Documentation

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Joomla Golf League / Joomla Golf Tournament


Initial Setup

The functionality of Golf League is dependent on a basic set up of a few of the extension’s fields and configuration.   Below in items 1-8 are the items to set up, in proper order.  Most of these items need only be set up once.

1. Categories

The first item to set up in Golf League is the “Category.”  A sample category would be something like “Men’s Association,” though any text can be used.  The system can handle unlimited categories, meaning golf courses with several associations/leagues, can run them all with Golf League.  Multiple category examples would be “Junior Golf,” “Women’s Association,” “Men’s Association,” “Senior League,” “Tuesday League,” “Saturday League.”

2. Season

Once a category has been set up, a “season” is setup next.  The season function allows for sorting by season, making editing and viewing league data much easier.  If one only wishes to look at the current members of a particular category for “this season,” this is where seasons come into play.

Seasons are not tied to categories, therefore one season can cover more than one category.

An example season entry would be “2014.”  Other season examples, “Spring League 2014,” “2014 Men’s Club,” “Summer Coed League.”

Two parameters which can be set for each season are the Season Start and Season End.

3. Courses

The third item to setup is the golf course or golf courses.  Golf League allows for unlimited golf courses.

Golf course fields include the course name, address, and other relevant course information.

4. Course Tees

Once a golf course is entered into the setup, tee boxes may be added.  The tee fields include a selector to choose an existing course, the number of holes, par, course rating, course slope, and notes.

It is very important to input the course rating and slope, even for nine hole courses.  The rating and slope factor into the league handicap calculation.  If the rating and/or slope are incorrect, handicap calculations will also be incorrect.

5. Players

Enter league player information in the “Players” section of the administration panel.  A category must be selected for each player.  The “Member” field relates to the “Season” data entered in step #2 above.  By selecting the member/season, it makes sorting and tracking players by season easier.

Selecting “Players” in the admin panel shows a list of the players with robust sorting and filtering.

Clicking on a player’s name open’s that player’s profile for editing, such as new phone number, change of address etc.

6. Flights

League flights are setup in the “Flights” tab.  Each flight is tied to a related Category.

An example flight setup would have the flight name “A Flight” and be connected to the “Men’s League” category.

Other examples:  “Juniors 14-16 Years old” for flight name and “Junior Golf” as the category.

7. Formats

Formats are the actual games the tournament compe

The Formats section of golf league is where all the names of the differing games are established.  Formats are not connected to any Category.  At least one Format must be established.

Example formats: Stroke Play, Skins, Closest To The Pin, Four Clubs, Scramble.

More detailed format examples: “Skin – Hole #7,” or “Closest to the pin – hole #14.”

When entering league Payouts, Formats are selected for each payout.

8. Configuration

Three basic settings are sometimes used to streamline tedious operations, like inputting the scores for all the players.  These settings are found in the Configuration panel:

Current Tournament – Once set, score entry is automatically set for the current or “default” tournament.

Current Season

List Limit – determine list limit for front end lists (future development)

Regular League Tasks

Tournament Setup

Once all Players, Courses, Tees, Flights, Seasons, and the Configuration are set, a “Tournament” may be created.

A basic Tournament setup includes the Tournament name, date, Course, format(s), number of holes, Flights, Category, Season, and notes.

Example Tournament setup:

Name: Spring Opener

Date: 2014-04-08

Format: Stroke Play, Skins

Count Handicap: Yes

Holes: 18

Flights: A Flight, B Flight, C Flight

Category: Men’s League
Season: 2014

Notes: Notes about the tournament.

Following the Tournament setup the current or default tournament needs to be selected in the Configuration panel.  Once the configuration is set, the administrator can enter the player’s scores.

Entering Player Scores

When ready to enter Tournament scores, select the Players section from the administration menu.  A sortable list of all players appears.  The 2nd column, titled “Add Round” is clickable when a current Tournament is set up.  Find the player from the list and click the Tournament Name under the Add Round heading to open the score entry window.

The Score Entry window is simple:

One number is entered, the player’s gross score for the round.

The tee which the player played is next selected from a select list.

When the score and tee are correct, click the Enter Score button.

*scores entered should reflect the USGA’s “Equitable Stroke Control.”


Currently Golf League calculates handicaps based on the USGA (United States Golf Association) formula.  As such, a minimum of five 18 hole, or 10 nine hole combined rounds is required for a handicap to be calculated.  Handicaps will be a 0 until then.

Handicap Update

The USGA’s rules dictate that handicaps be updated at least once per month, and no more than twice per month.

To update the handicaps, click the Handicaps panel in the Golf League administration panel.  In the Handicaps panel there is a link/button which when clicked, will go through the entire database of players and recalculate their handicaps.


Just like Joomla’s article functionality, Golf League administrators can write articles or “announcements” to the league.  To write announcements, click the Announcements selector in the Golf League administration section.

Announcements can be given a title, date, content, Category, and publish state.  Standard Joomla content editing controls allow the adding of images or use of the selected system text editing tools.

Front End – Public Side

Viewers on the front end of the site can view the Tournaments list, Players list, Payouts list, and Announcements list.

Each of the above lists can be added to a Joomla menu by going to administrator > menus > desired-menu > add menu item.


From the Announcements list, the user can click the link for a specific announcement to load the announcement details.


The Tournaments list provides links to access each individual tournament’s details.  The list can be filtered based on season or category via the filters in the upper right corner.

Within the tournament details are the core fields describing the tournament.  If rounds or payouts have been entered they will automatically appear below the tournament.


The Players list shows player names, handicaps and their Category. The list can be filtered by Category via the category filter in the upper right corner of the list.

Clicking on the player’s name brings up the player profile which contains the player’s details.  Buttons at the bottom of the player profile allow the user to view the player’s scoring history and payout history.


The Payouts list shows tournament names, player names, and their respective payouts in order of newest to oldest.  The tournament name in the list clicks through to the tournament details page.  The player name link in the list clicks through to the player’s profile page.