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JITTER is a system which adds a community aspect to a Joomla based web site.  Jitter allows site members to enter a small message, similar to Twitter’s “tweets” or Facebook’s “What’s on your mind?” feature.  Messages can be displayed in Joomla modules and in member’s Community Builder* profiles.


Includes component, modules and CB Plugin


1. Unzip the archive file to your hard drive.  Within that archive are the Jitter component and modules.

2. Use the Joomla! extension installer to install Jitter component and modules.

3. Optional: Use Community Builder plugin installer to install Jitter CB Plugin.

4. Set module parameters to your liking.

Database Friendly

Unlike other status update systems, Jitter stores one update per member by default.  When a new update is posted, the old one is removed from the database.  This keeps content fresh, and keeps the database streamlined and fast.  Not many people care what someone’s update was 132 days ago.

For those who do wish to permanently store all messages, a new feature is in development which will post Jitters not only in the Jitter table of the database, but will allow selection of content section and categories, or even post Jitters within other blog engine’s databases such as Community Builder’s Profile Blog.

Jitter Component

The Jitter component is required for the system to function.  The component is installed via the Joomla installer in the Joomla administration section.

Current administrative features allow deletion and editing of Jitter entries.

Jitter Update Module

This module can be placed anywhere a Joomla module can be placed.  Within this module logged in members of the site can type in their message and post it.  The current message, if there is one, can also be cleared.  The module shows the date and time of the current message as well.

Latest Jitters Module

The Latest Jitters Module shows the latest Jitters from site members.  Back end configuration allows customization of display, order of messages, number of Jitters to display and more.

Latest Jitters CB Module

The Latest Jitters CB Module (pictured below) shows the latest Jitter messages posted.  The number of messages is configurable in the module parameters.  Display options for text size, CB avatar* size and alignment (left or right) and CB* link are also in the module parameters.

Jitter CB Plugin*

The Jitter CB plugin (pictured below) adds the same functionality contained in the Jitter Update Module to a CB plugin, provided that Community Builder is installed.  This CB plugin adds Jitter message posting and deletion to CB profiles.

Jitter Manager (Admin)

Pictured below is the main administration section for Jitter, called the Jitter Manager.  Here you can select Jitters to edit or delete.  Multiple or all Jitters can be deleted.

Jitter Editor (Admin)

When a single Jitter is selected to edit from the Jitter Manager, this window (below) allows editing and saving of the Jitter.


Appropriate Joomla version required.

The Jitter Community Builder plugin is designed for CB version 1.2 and above.

*Community Builder must be installed for these features to function.

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