Golf Scores Documentation


TKServer’s GOLF SCORES is a Joomla! component which tracks site members’ golf scores.  The system is great for tracking 9 or 18 hole golf or frisbee golf rounds, calculates net scores, shows scoring history, and has a comment area for each round’s commentary and has full administrative back end for editing or moderation.  To compliment the system, the Latest Scores Module can show site members’ scores and a Community Builder (CB) plugin and/or JomSocial application shows scores on member CB profiles.


  • Added pagination to scoring tables for easy display
  • Pagination/Lists controlled by custom component setting
  • New Joomla 1.6-1.7 menu selections via views
  • Bug fixes
  • JomSocial 2.2.4 compatible plugin and module
  • Community Builder 1.7 compatible plugin and module
  • Custom table headings for modules via module parameters
  • Utilizes the new “upgrade” method of installing. Old versions need not be uninstalled.

NEW with version 1.5.5: JomSocial Integration!  Golf Scores now appear in JomSocial and Community Builder profiles!

Attention! The JomSocial Golf Scores application/module and CB Golf Scores Plugin/mocule do not operate without the Golf Scores component installed!

Update 02.20.11

New version (1.5.5) update!  Barring a security release if needed, this will likely be the last Joomla 1.5.x version of Golf Scores.

  • Added full JomSocial integration
  • Scores entered add to JomSocial user points.
  • Scores removed subtract from JomSocial user points.
  • Scores added or removed are added to JomSocial activity stream
  • Fixed database bug which duplicated config tables on upgrades.

Update 04.16.10

New version (1.5.041610) update!  New back end parameter allows selection of username or name in front end display lists.  New parameter also allows custom selection of list limits in front end.

PRE-1.6 Upgrade instructions

If upgrading from a previous version of Golf Scores do the following:

1. Uninstall/delete the previous version of Golf Scores.  Database information is not deleted.

2. Install new version of Golf Scores.

Front End

The Golf Scores component starts with three basic possible selections:  Enter Scores, View All Scores and View My Scores

Post Scores

When clicking Enter Scores, the member is asked wether 9 or 18 holes were played.

When the member clicks 9 or 18 holes, a form is presented which the player fills out to enter the round.  The 9 or 18 hole enter scores form contains the following fields:  Date, Course Played, Tee Played, Gross Score, Handicap, Net Score, Comments.

View All Scores

Clicking View All Scores displays all member scores.

View My Scores

Clicking View My Scores from the Golf Scores component home brings up a list of the logged in member’s scores.  In the form is shown all data, as well as Edit and Delete buttons for editing or deleting the round.

Edit Round

From the View My Scores page, clicking edit brings up an edit form so the member can make changes to the original data.

Delete Round

If the member wishes to delete a round from the database, this is done by clicking the Delete icon (Red X).

Administration – Back End

Golf Scores Main Admin Panel

From the Golf Scores menu selection in the Joomla administration window, the administrator can browse scores, edit scores and delete scores from the database.

Edit Score – Admin

From the administration panel scores can be edited, for moderation or other reasons.

Golf Scores Back End Parameters

Back end parameters include selection of username/name, JomSocial integration and front end list limit.

JomSocial Activity Stream and User Points

New Golf Scores version 1.5.5 integrates JomSocial activity stream and user points.  Scores entered will show up in the JomSocial activity stream, and will add to JomSocial user points!

Latest Golf Scores Module

The optional “Latest Scores” module displays recent player scores.  Information displayed:  Player, course, holes, score.

Latest Golf Scores Module Settings

Within the module settings the following can be configured:

  • 1. Number of scores displayed
    2. Display in ascending or descending order
  • 3. Custom names for column headings
  • 4. Item ID settings for linking to the Golf Scores component
  • 5. CB Item ID settings to set the proper template settings for CB from the module
    • 6. Link to CB – wether latest scores link to Community Builder profiles

Latest Golf Scores Community Builder (CB) Plugin

The optional Latest Scores CB plugin shows the user’s latest golf scores within his or her CB profile.  CB plugin settings allow for limits to the number of scores listed.