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      It is my desire to make useful and well written software which is bug-free. It is impossible to troubleshoot and pre-test every possible scenario so invariably there will be some errors somewhere. If you have a problem please follow these guidelines below so I can easily understand and help you. Simply posting “it doesn’t work” does not help me help you.


      1. Read the documentation.
      2. Use the search function here in the forum to see if someone has already solved the problem.

      If the two items above don’t solve your problem proceed down this list:

      1. Is the software package and all which is required for it to operate installed?
      2. Is the software enabled in the joomla administration panel?
      3. Is your webhost using the latest PHP?
      4. Is your Joomla/Wordpress and other additional systems up to date?
      5. Does using default Joomla/Wordpress template resolve your issue?
      7. Have you disabled Joomla modules or WordPress plugins 1 by 1 until resolved work?
      9. Have you disabled Joomla plugins 1 by 1 until resolved work?
      10. Does a fresh Joomla/Wordpress install work?
      11. Is your webhost PHP memory limit set high enough? (memory_limit)
      12. Is your webhost PHP timeout limit set high enough? (max_execution_time)
      13. (Joomla) Have you checked file permissions from joomla backend? (should be all green)
      14. Have you disabled and purged site cache?
      15. Have you disabled and purged Browser cache?
      16. Have you disabled and purged host cache?
      17. Have you disabled search engine friendly URLS and/or URL rewrite?
      18. Have you tried a different browser: Firefox, Chrome, Safari?

      None of that help? Create a new post with this information:

      1. Exact PHP version.
      2. Exact CB/JomSocial version if applicable.
      3. Exact Joomla or WordPress version.
      4. Detailed description of problem. (screenshots? link?)
      5. Any error messages reported with debug mode on and error reporting set to maximum?
      6. Any error messages reported with your hosts error log?
      7. Any SEF settings?
      8. What browser is issue present in?

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